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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Square Merchant Account Online Interface Set Up Eases Risk

Square Merchant Account Online Interface Set Up
Despite the number of people who are now doing their shopping online, a large number of the populace still believe that doing their shopping online is too risky. Sensational news stories about identity theft and data breaches of huge multinational corporations also do not help dissipate these assumptions. PaySecure, however, wants to change the public perception when it comes to online shopping. They aim to do this and to also lower costs and provide the merchant chargeback protection.

PaySecure has a patented approach that consumers can utilize for online transactions. They employ a Square merchant account online interface set up strategy that processes debit card payments using the card’s pre-existing PIN. By entering their PIN number, customers can quickly have their transactions authorized without the need for enrollment in a separate authentication service, a new password/onetime PIN, or redirection from the website the consumers is viewing.

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